FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sammy Cortino To Set World Record Houdini Fashion



At his August 6th press conference, Sammy will set the world record for manipulating the most playing cards in 90 seconds: 300. For added difficulty, he will be blindfolded and manipulate the cards with both hands. There is no record of any illusionist in history with his sleight of hand skill of manipulating cards with both hands with the technique used in the challenge. The attempt is a fusion of Harry Houdini’s early sleight of hand work presented in the style of the mystifying stunts that later brought the illusionist international notoriety. Event will be streamed. (http://www NULL.facebook

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  1. Pat Appleson (http://www NULL.appleson

    Hey, if anyone is near Hickory, NC, you’ve got to see “Magic’s Royal Duke” LIVE IN PERSON!!!!

    Sammy, I’ll see you there.

    Best Regards

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