Sammy Cortino will change the way you think about magic and show how magic can not only be amazing, but also rock. Hard.

Part magic show, part rock concert, Sammy Cortino has been described as Jimmy Page meets David Blaine. As one of the youngest international award-winning magicians in history, he was identified as “a dedicated student of magic” by Master Magician Lance Burton

To Cortino, magic is “part sight, and part sound. Most importantly, magic is unexpected and shocking; which is the way to amaze an educated audience that has seen so much magic on TV.”

His passion for magic was first realized when he “received a magic kit for Christmas at age six. I kept performing and taking it as far as I can while at the same time making it my own.”

He became a fan of David Blaine and heavy rock outfits like Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath.

“I would watch their videos all the time growing up,” Cortino said. “I would emulate them in my talent shows when I was growing up, putting on as many as I could to get started”

On meeting Siegfried & Roy Cortino says, “Seeing them made me want to perfectly execute my own take on magic. Meeting them made pursuing magic that much more accessible.”

Being a rising star is no cakewalk, and having a loving support group who will encourage and help is found in Cortino’s family.

“My family and girlfriend have always been amazingly supportive of what I do,” he said. “My mom would drive me to all of my early shows because I wasn’t old enough to drive. My acting friends were my first on-stage assistants. My dad would build my props.”

When Cortino performs, his “biggest goal is to move the audience. For me, music and magic go hand in hand. The more people are feeling the mood through the music, the more powerful of an impact you can leave.”

As for the future of magic, he wants to see “magic being performed in venues people go to for entertainment, like clubs. When you eliminate the boxes and the weird hand movements and do magic with normal, everyday objects when the magic does happen, it surprises people way more because they’re not having to suspend their disbelief and watching the magic objectively. ”