The Show

Merging the power of music with the captivating art of magic,Sammy Cortino is spellbinding audiences in ways never conceived. While the general public pairs magic with sequins, blow-dried hair, and rigged box tricks; Cortino amazes audiences in no-nonsense fashion with original feats of the impossible utilizing familiar objects like iPads and guitars as props. In some cases, he’s merely feet away from his audience, making the magic more believable and showgoers a part of the magic. The show is backed to a diverse soundtrack as Cortino storms the stage with charisma and original effects. Be it the ferocity of the clanging guitars of THE STROKES or the melodic wispiness of THE SHINS, music and magic become one in this ground-breaking live experience.

The Star

With Siegfried & Roy and Lance Burton endorsing hisInternational Brotherhood of Magicians membership,Sammy Cortino is rocking a new generation of audiences with a fresh approach to the world’s oldest art form. From taking his show to performing arts centers and serving the corporate market, Sammy has performed internationally; for the likes of notables like Ryan Seacrest and Hayden Panettiere.

What people are saying about America’s hottest up-and-coming entertainer:

Hard-Rocking Illusionist” – Nashville Scene

a dedicated student of magic” – Lance Burton

out of sight” – The Charlotte Observer


Show length: 75 minutes. Can break for intermission or run straight through the show. Format: Stage magic, sleight of hand, audience participation, closeup magic, comedy, and live music. Performance is choreographed to music and the magic performed with everyday objects, like guitars and iPads. Outreach: Sammy can host an educational program that guides students through the workings of his show and can teach simple magic tricks utilizing household objects. He can also visit an area medical center to entertain patients while discussing the physiological importance entertainment plays in hospital rehabilitation.


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