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In Sammy’s innovative stage production, The Magic Story, magic is about evoking emotion in the audience and sharing stories with film; music, dance, and drama. This show was co-produced by Harry Blackstone Jr’s choreographer, Murray Phillips; who has produced illusion shows all over the globe; including in Las Vegas and China.

The Show

Sammy Cortino narrates from a lost historic manuscript through magic’s rich history, stemming from its primal beginnings in Ancient Egypt to Magic’s Golden Age and beyond. This history leads into period performances of magic’s signature classics, including the Houdini Straightjacket Escape, The Levitation, and the Blackstone Mystery Cabinet.

The Star

With Siegfried and Roy and Lance Burton endorsing his International Brotherhood of Magicians membership, illusionist  is giving audiences the essence of magic: inspiration to follow their dreams. he holds a doctoral degree in magic from the International magicians society and is a member of london’s magic circle.

What people are saying about America’s hottest up-and-coming stage illusionist:

“a wiz at sleight of hand” - NBC Charlotte

“a dedicated student of magic” - Lance Burton

“out of sight” - The Charlotte Observer


Show length: Ninety minutes. Can break for intermission or run straight through the show.

Format: Five large-scale illusions, stage magic, sleight of hand, audience participation, closeup magic, comedy, and dance. Program is dramatically presented with thematic music and atmospheric lighting. Professionally-produced video encompasses the show to supplement the masters of illusion throughout history and what societal factors affected the way magic was perceived in different cultures.

Outreach: Sammy can host an educational program that guides students through the workings of his show and can teach simple magic tricks utilizing household objects. He can also visit an area medical center to entertain patients while discussing the physiological importance entertainment plays in hospital rehabilitation.


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